TAU 2440085RH 44RHT 44M 8 3/8 RGHNT


TAU 2440085RH 44RHT 44M 8 3/8 RGHNT

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Taurus’ Raging Hunter is a built-to-last revolver that is a fun and effective alternative for short to medium range hunting scenarios. It features an unique barrel system which incorporates a steel sleeve that is inserted into an aluminum housing that cuts down on the overall weight, making this a well-balanced hunting sidearm. The factory-tuned porting and gas expansion chamber is designed to disperse gases directionally reducing muzzle lift and delivering quicker target acquisition. The Raging Hunter also has an optics-ready Picatinny rail, angular barrel design, and soft rubber grip. This model has a 8.375 carbon steel barrel, stainless frame, blued cylinder and barrel, grip cushion insert, and fixed front/adjustable rear sights.

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